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For many of today’s home buyers or sellers, full-service real estate brokers offer a necessary service. But for others, who have taken it upon themselves to use today’s technologies to the utmost, a full-service real estate broker may only offer unnecessary transaction cost.

At New Leaf Real Estate, LLC, a real estate broker, our goal is to minimize these transaction costs. Instead of driving buyers to home after home, or over-inflating a seller’s marketing budget, we focus on the business transaction that is central to buying or selling a home. Best of all, New Leaf offers you the information it takes to be a knowledgeable buyer or seller.

It’s these kinds of astute, informed and resourceful buyers and sellers that can benefit from a relationship with New Leaf Real Estate and all of our real estate agents. By combining your ambition with our expertise, you’ll be assured of the best real estate transaction possible. You’ll be more than satisfied – you’ll be ecstatic. New Leaf still offers our clients all of the services that are expected of a real estate agent… full support and coordination throughout the inspection process, presence at any and all meetings, and access to our exhaustive and comprehensive well-vetted network of inspectors, contractors, landscapers, designers, and more!

Historically, a full-service real estate agent collects a 3% commission when you buy or sell a home. At New Leaf, we offer a credit at closing, which directs money back into the pockets of our clients! Find out more »

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David Houston – A New Leaf Real Estate Agent and Founder
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